Josephine's Professional Staffing, Inc.

Human Resources Information System

JPS uses an industry standard HR management information system called Bullhorn/eEmpACT for its back and front office capabilities that allows weekly payments of W-2 wages in-house. The Bullhorn/eEmpACT System ensures that an accurate invoice is generated to the Client. The Client may receive a weekly statement itemizing the contract labor usage as well as customized invoicing and usage reports, upon request. All payroll deductions and payment of income taxes, FICA, unemployment insurance, IFF quarterly payment, and worker’s compensation insurance are automatically calculated and deducted through this system.

One of eEmpACT’s highly desired features is the Web Time Card. It has an add-on module that is a browser-based eConnect allowing quick and easy access to time consuming payroll, timecard and customer order functions.

This web-based solution links directly from the JPS website. Visit the eConnect Portal link on the top right of any page on our website. eConnect enables JPS employees, their supervisors and other designated users to enter and approve Web Time cards.

Contractors and their supervisors will be provided with their own sign on IDs and passwords to access the System, to view history-to-date information pertaining to their pay history and assignments details. Clients and Customers that need access to the System will also be provided with user IDs and passwords to view invoices, orders and assignment history. Invoices can be drilled down to the line item as well as connecting to the timecards that were submitted online. Clients and Customers can place temporary and career orders online.