Josephine's Professional Staffing, Inc.

Hiring Process

JPS, Inc. certifies that its recruitment process demonstrates and delivers superior customer service and quality by using an extensive recruitment process.

Searching: With our fully integrated search and retrieval systems, we can ensure the best match between your organization’s needs and the skills of our candidates. We use our in-house database utilizing a staffing software system to track our proven candidates. We use a variety of search engines and our referral networking strategies to search for potential candidates.

Interviewing: We analyze our candidates’ employment histories and skill levels and verify authenticity. We utilize industry evaluation tools that focus on our candidates’ true capabilities and their ability to adapt to your company’s particular environment. We provide an in-depth, validated, behavioral screening process to develop an accurate profile of candidates in the areas of behavior, motivation, and work ethics.

Testing: We offer advanced skill testing software, provided by an online-service, “ProveIt!,” which is a division of Kenexa, a leading provider of Human Capital Management tools. This software contains a full range of quality online assessments tests for the clerical, software, industrial, healthcare, financial and technical job classifications.

This testing procedure saves time as the tests are easy to e-mail to each candidate so that they may be able to complete the tests in their homes. This process is administered to each and every candidate at no cost to both customers and candidates. We use these online tests to assess our candidates’ levels of competence to meet your organization’s exact needs.

Reference Checks/Background Check/Drug Screen: We verify our candidates’ performances with the previous employers to better predict that they can deliver superior performance and meet your expectations. We conduct criminal background, drug, and/or alcohol pre-employment and post-incident screenings on potential and current employees at your organization’s request. With residents outside of the Santa Clara County, we use a third-party for comprehensive background checks to verify the validity of our candidates’ application information.

Orientation: We customize our orientation program based on your policies and procedures. A visit to your organization by a Staffing Manager is an initial step to assist our temporary workforce with valuable information regarding the location, job duties, and particulars of your company. During this visit, we discuss with you, critical information to ensure a successful placement.

Training: We understand that our candidates are human capital asset and, therefore, our greatest asset. We invest in our employees at no cost to them by providing comprehensive training programs to enhance their talents and learn valuable new skills and safety awareness.

Equal Opportunity Employer: JPS, Inc. is committed to running all programs on an equal opportunity basis without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, qualified disabled veteran, physical or mental disability or a national origin, in accordance with applicable federal and state law. We are dedicated to providing a workplace free of unlawful discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment.