How to Attract and Support Millennial Employees

When you think of the phrase “Millennial Employees,” many negative stereotypes probably come to mind. When it comes to interacting with millennial employees, a CNBC report found that it’s better to treat them like anyone else: “…if you want to appeal to millennials and keep them in the fold, don’t treat them like millennials. Instead, address millennials as you would employees in any other demographic group.”

If you find this age group perplexing, here are a few tips for hiring and keeping millennial employees.

How to Attract and Support Millennial Employees

1. Offer the Right Environment

Forbes reports the right workplace atmosphere is important to millennial employees; job seekers are looking for more than just going to work and going home. As Forbes notes, “There are many ways to create an optimal work environment for millennials—flex hours, fitness allowance, casual dress code, stocked break rooms, half-day Fridays, and more.”

2. Use Millennials to Attract other Millennials

If your business already has a millennial working in the office, use them to recruit other like-aged individuals. The job seeker is more likely to relate to and connect with them over someone who would be their supervisor or employer.

3. Flexible Work Schedule

More than any other scenario, work-life balance and flexible hours is a top priority for millennial employees; it even made this list twice. Fortune spoke with Anne Donovan at PcW and found that employees were disappointed with the traditional 9-5 schedule and offered to make a change. Donovan stated, “Employees are now encouraged to individualize their schedules, like working from home if they don’t have client meetings or slipping out for an hour of Zumba during the workday.”

Offering the right perks, connecting with fellow millennials and providing the right hours are all strong tactics to attract and support young employees. Have you had success with millennial talent? Share your tips with our community in the comments.