Important Skills for Team Building: What You Need to Know

It is finally spring, which means it’s time to shake of the winter blues and start anew. One of the best office place tactics for leadership to work on is team building.

Three Team Building Techniques

E-Skill has created an incredible list of leadership skills for a successful team; here are a few of our favorites. 

Relationship Building

Taking the time to build a relationship with your team is important. The website notes, “These relationships will help inspire your team to work harder, possibly even going beyond their job responsibilities. A team member who feels personally mentored by his or her manager is more likely to go the extra mile for that manager.”


Are you as dedicated to your team as you want them to be? If you don’t seem committed to your customers, business and employees, they may lose passion in their work, which has a direct impact on team building. As stated by the website, “Great leaders are committed to their business, their employees, and their customers. They understand that what makes a product or service great is an ongoing commitment to excellence.”

Problem Solving Skills

Are you a part of the problem or solution? Whether you are solving an issue to better the company on a large scare or personally helping an employee with an issue, it is important you play a positive role in what is going on in your business. As E-Skill states, “Turning problems around for an employee can also inspire loyalty and retention” and who doesn’t want that?

What other leadership skills and team building tips do you think lead to a productive office place?