How to Keep Employees Healthy All Year Round

During the middle of the summer, you may not be as worried about a cold or flu spreading to employees. That happens in fall and winter, right? While August is typically not considered part of cold and flu season, keeping employees healthy should always be a priority.

Here are a few tips from the Huffington Post to keep your employees feeling good year round.

How to Keep Employees in Good Health

1. Wipe Down Desks and Computers

Even though people around you may not be constantly coughing and sneezing, germs and bacteria still survive on commonly used surfaces. Take some time out of the day, provide an appropriate cleaning solution, and encourage employees to wipe down their mouse, keyboard, phone and any other surfaces they touch often.

2. Manage Stress

We all know that stress can make employees feel run down and lead to illness. Encourage breaks so team members can walk away from their project and scroll through social media or simply sit and let their brain relax for a few minutes; implementing regular breaks is better than employees calling in sick.

3. Provide Hand Sanitizer

If your employees work in close proximity to one another, and especially if someone is showing signs of illness, it could quickly spread to others. Offer hand sanitizer so employees can protect themselves and prevent the spread of illness through coughing and sneezing.

It may not be the official cold and flu season yet, but that doesn’t mean an occasional cold still won’t pass through employees in the middle of summer. Use these tips to keep your team and your office healthy year-round.

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